July 8, 2021

For years, Canada has maintained the reputation of being one of the most popular destinations for ex-pats all over the world; there are over 650,000 Britons who have pitched tents in the country.

With safe, affluent cities and wide-open spaces, it is clear that there are many benefits of living in the Great White North. 

Canada remains one of the most secure, safe, and happy nations on earth. It has several additional perks right from the Northern Lights to the polar bears. 

Every year, thousands of Brits move from the Atlantic to settle in Canada. 

Look, if you plan to move to one of the safest countries in the world.

Here are 5 reasons to move to Canada:

  • Educational Matters

  • Economic Stability and Strength

  • Naturally Rich

  • Universal Healthcare

  • Culinary Culture

Educational Matters

Education is highly valued in Canada; it seems like a part of their culture, and that is why it has been ensured that all young citizens of the country have access to the best schooling available regardless of their background.

The government invests more into education than every other country in the world.

And for this reason, Canadian children perform excellently across the board…

…this has created a well-paid and well-informed society that is still offering great opportunities for skilled ex-pats.

Economic Stability and Strength

Of course, the pictures of beautiful mountains and lakes are no doubt attractive, …

Anyone migrating to another country must consider the financial and practical benefits of where they are going.

Canada’s economy is one of the strongest in the world, and there is a huge variety of career options for any ambitious ex-pat.

The bedrock of Canada’s strong and secure economy is its banking system; and because of this, Canada has been voted as the most stable nation for seven consecutive years by the World Economic Forum.

This has allowed Canada to offer a good quality of life for its numerous residents. Canada also has the second-highest standard of living in all of the G20 nations.

Naturally Rich

Canada owes its stable economy to its natural wealth. The large income from the oil and gas industry, copper, gold, uranium, and iron ore all contribute to the impressive GDP of the country.

The lands are rich and ideal for farming, allowing Canada to export substantial amounts of wheat and other cereals, including lumber and other wood products.

The natural wealth of this country has greatly improved its tourist industry as people from across the world flock in to see polar bears, elk, and whales, sometimes they even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Universal Healthcare

Canada has one of the most accessible and fairest healthcare systems in the world.

Most medical treatments are free because they are funded by government taxes.

Each province of the nation is assigned a health budget to administer locally and issue health cards to all eligible residents, allowing them to access free health care.

Depending on the kind of visa you possess, an ex-pat may be granted a health card.

This is worth researching in case you may need to take out private insurance. Some procedures, however, may take some waiting time.

But with the right information at your disposal, you can have access to all this golden information while processing your visa.

That’s why immigration consultants ensure proper assessment and evaluation to know the best out of the 90+ immigration pathways to suit anyone planning to relocate to Canada including you.

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Culinary Culture

Besides the fact that Canada inventing the Hawaiian pizza, the country has surprisingly sophisticated culinary scenes; in such cities as Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

Modern European restaurants like Canoe and Toqué offer fine dining, although with a laid-back Canadian style.

The arrays of immigration from South America, Asia, and Europe have enriched Canada’s restaurant scene.

In a lot of big cities in the country, you will find a great number of international cuisine, from Thai and Vietnamese to Lebanese and Iranian, and every other dish from other countries of the world.

Final Thoughts

With more than 250,000 people settling in Canada each year, the country is undoubtedly a peaceful destination for any potential ex-pat.

There are other many reasons to include in this post,

…but if these 5 reasons to move to Canada have piqued your desire to move to a country with diverse opportunities,..

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June 13, 2021

Summer is one season that so many people are excited about–it’s a period when your eagerness to travel increases because of the warm weather. Certain summer holiday places are seasonal, and they mostly attract tourists from June to August.


Our list of 5 places you can travel to in the Summer depends on the timing for attractions and the best weather. Check out our list below.

  1. Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy

Rome is one beautiful city in Italy that you will love to travel to in Summer because of the fantastic outdoor attractions. There are ancient sites like Pantheon and Colosseum that you will love to explore. If you love ancient sculptures, Rome is one big city where you can have a view of so many of them. 


Usually, the summer season in Rome is well known amongst tourists, so you must book hotels at least eight months in advance. You can visit the museum too after exploring all the outdoor attractions. 


   2.Whistler, Canada

Whistler, Canada

Whistler in Canada has a lot of mountains that you can explore. If you love hiking, then traveling to Whistler for summer would be a perfect choice for you. Some skiers hit the Blackcomb Mountain during summer in Whistler, but they don’t use the heavy winter gear when skiing.


Usually, during the summer months in Whistler, they open up water sports at Lost Lake Park. The 525-acre park was built with hiking trails and kayaks or paddleboards that you can rent to have fun. The Brandywine Falls, Provincial Park, or the Valley Trail are some nature parks you can visit when you want to go hiking in summer.

3. Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland


Zermatt in Switzerland is one of the best places you can travel to in Summer, and you will live to remember it because of its beauty and scenery. Zermatt is located at the bottom of the Matterhorn peak. The lakes are blue; there are green meadows and snow-capped mountains that are scented with lush. 


If you are a beginner in skiing or hiking, there are tour companies in Zermatt focused on several adventures for people like you. You can engage in kayaking, swimming, mountain biking, and not just hiking during the summer months in Zermatt. 


4. San Diego, California

Sandiego, California


San Diego is one busy city that is very popular for its good weather throughout the year. There are so many beaches like Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Coronado beach that you can visit in San Diego. 


So many people visit San Diego during the summer, so get ready to spend a high amount to take care of your hotel bills. There are beautiful attractions like gardens, bike trails, museums, Balboa park restaurants, a zoo, and many other cultural experiences you love to enjoy. 


5. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago. Illinios

If you want to see how lovely the city of Chicago can be, travel there during summer. The weather is fantastic. You will enjoy different outdoor festivals, boat rides, and also the Navy Pier in full swing. 


You can take beautiful photos at “The Bean” sculpture in Millennium Park. You can also take a walk around Grant Park. It is such an exciting experience.


During the summer months, you may find it challenging to pay for your hotel bills because lodging becomes very expensive and hotel rooms are usually scarce, so ensure you book your hotel room months ahead.



Go spice up your summer holiday in any of these places. You will love them. Whether you love traveling or not, visiting these five places in summer is a lifetime experience you will love to remember. And remember, If you want full guidance on how to visit these places, migrate to Canada immigration consultants are always available to guide you with the necessary information to make your dream a reality. You are just one click away to immigrate to Canada, USA,  and Uk, etc.