The fact is that 8 out of 10 Immigrants will choose Canada as their desired home to immigrate to – even without having a concrete reason why.ย 

At Migrate to Canada Agency, our experienced Immigration Consultants and Attorneys have handled hundreds of cases, and have helped a lot of families from diverse nationalities.

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Migrate To Canada.


In 2022, Canada has over 100+ Immigration Programs through which you and your family can legally immigrate to Canada, based on your unique peculiarities. This simply means you’ve got more ways to Canada than you know. And the easiest, fastest, simplest, or cost effective pathways aren’t popularly known.

The First Step is doing yourย Eligibility Assessment to determine which program(s) you qualify for. We recommend you have an experienced immigration consultant handle this critical part.

From collective experience on Canada Immigration, we have designed a strategy to delivering results by following 3 Simplified Processes:

  1. Eligibility Assessment Out expert will check which program(s) you are eligible or qualify for – based on what’s obtainable at the time.

  2. Consultation Our immigration consultants or attorneys will have a 45mins Free Session with you to help you align the program you qualify for and your travel plans, by providing professional insights and guidance.

  3. Retainer We Get To Work on your application.


โ€ข Express Entry (EE): This is Canada’s No. 1 Immigration Program for migrant skilled workers.

โ€ข Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP): Residence Visa processing takes 2 – 8working weeks.

โ€ข Rural & Northern Immigration Program (RNIP): Chances of getting a UAE Residence Visa are 99.99%.

โ€ข Atlantic Immigration Program: The UAE is the World’s Most Epidemic-Resilient Country.

โ€ข Federal Skill Workers Program (FSWP): The UAE Residence Visa costs from as low as $2999.

โ€ข Canada Experience Class (CEC): Immigrate to the United States Of America.


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Migrating to the United Arab Emirates Dubai is considered the easiest, fastest, simplest, and most affordable with the most assured results, compared to most countries, however it’s best you speak with an expert.

When planning to immigrate overseas, especially to a place you haven’t visited before, or have stay for less than 90days, it is very important to do the basic research first, then consult with an expert on the topic, before committing to starting your processing.

At Migrate to Canada Agency, our experts on Dubai have personal experiences that has helped made them more subtle towards helping others avoid the common mistakes made by most, on their way.

Our Dubai Experts have lived, studies, worked, residing and done business in Dubai for years with a vast wealth of resources that you can greatly benefit from. This will better help you make an informed decision on your road to settling in Dubai.

Dubai now hasย an unemployment insurance scheme where Expats who lose their job, get monthly stipends until they find another job…

โ€” Victoria, Dubai Residence Consultant
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Frequently Asked Questions
On Immigrating to Canada

We’ve put together the best answers to a list of questions asked by people looking to immigrate to the United Arab Emirates Dubai.

Is Dubai a Safe Place to Immigrate to?ย 

Yes! It is generally known by most Americans who are frequent visitors to Dubai, or are currently residing there, as a safer place to live in with family, compared to the United States Of America.

Steve Harvey, a popular TV Host and Comedian in the US, likes to call the UAE home. In comparingย  the US, Steve says that he travels to Dubai 3-4times yearly just to getaway from the chaos in the United States.

There is a recently conducted global study that acknowledges “Dubai as the safest place for women walking alone in the night, and good place to raise children“.

How Can You Help Me Relocate To Dubai?

We’ve got various immigration packages for Singles, Couples, Common-Law Partners, Friends, Entrepreneurs, Businessmen and women, and Families respectively.

It’s mostly a question of your immigration plan. While some just want residency so that they can always travel to Dubai for holiday or a staycation, others wants to settle in Dubai.

If you want to get a job or start a business, and move your family to settle in Dubai, we can help.

The first step is to have a one on one with our immigration consultant to create your personalised immigration package.

What Makes Dubai Better Than Canada?

From our decade years of experience processing Immigration, we’ve discovered that the 2 primary reasons why most people migrate to Canada is the privileges of residence and citizens.

Recent changes in Dubai, United Arab Emirates positions it as a better destination compared to Canada, USA, and most countries.

Nevertheless, depending on why you want to immigrate, Dubai might not be better than Canada for you.

It’s best you Talk with an expert who will help you compare both countries constructively, to give a more helpful recommendation.

Is Dubai a Safe Place considering the Epidemic?ย 

Yes, and it is possibly safer than the country you are presently residing in, or your home country.

The United Arab Emirates Dubai has remained open since July 2020 till date and has doubled its visitors in 2022, compared to 2019 and 2021.

Compared to most top tier countries including Canada and the US, the UK, and others still struggling with the Covid19 Epidemic – Dubai hosted an estimated 25million visitors, from over 200 countries, in 6months from (October 2021 to March 2022) at the World EXPO2020.

A recent study affirms that “Dubai as the most Epidemic-Resistant Country in the World.“.

What Does a Dubai Immigration Package Cover?

We’ve got various immigration packages for Singles, Couples, Common-Law Partners, Friends, Entrepreneurs, Businessmen and women, and Families respectively.

  • Residency: 2years ir 3years Residence Visa.
  • Flight Ticket: This is Totally Optional.
  • Airport Transfer: PickUp from the Airport.
  • Accommodation: We’ll sort your apartment.
  • Job Assistance: We’ll help you get a job.
  • Nol Card: Metro Card for Transport.
  • Network: You’ll meet other Expats in Dubai.
  • Plus: If there is anything else you need.

The entire process takes an average of 2-8weeks, and you can come in as early as 5days.

Can I Get Dubai 5 Years Or 10 Years Residency?

Yes, you totally can. However, you’ve got to be eligible first as this is currently only open to Doctors, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Coders, International Students, and Scientists, for now.

Investors looking to invest, can do so with a minimum investment of AED500,000 for 5 years Residence Visa or AED2,000,000 for a 10 years Golden Residence Visa.

There is also an option of the 5 years multiple entries tourist visa. Nevertheless, it’s better you Talk with an expert who will help you compare all options, and recommend an option that serves your purpose.

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