However, the US (the United States Of America) has a complex immigration system. You need to know what options you’ve got before applying.

At Migrate to Canada Agency, our experienced US Immigration Consultants and Attorneys have handled hundreds of cases, and have helped a lot of families from diverse nationalities, settle in the US.

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US Services We Offer:

โ€ข Visiting the US: Apply for Visiting Visas to the United States.

โ€ข Working in the US: Apply for USA Work Permit Visa with expert guide.

โ€ข Business in the US: Get assistance with applying for US Business Permit.

โ€ข Denied US Visa: Get expert guidance if you’ve been denied any US Visa.

โ€ข US Green Card: We can help you in procuring your US Green Card.

โ€ข US Permanent Residence: Immigrate to the United States Of America.

โ€ข US Family Sponsorship: Got PR? Bring your family members to the US.

โ€ข Settling in the US: Got Permanent Residency? Let’s help you settle-in.

โ€ข US Citizenship Immigration Services (USCIS): Becoming American.

โ€ข US Inadmissibility: If you’ve been considered inadmissible, we can help.

โ€ข Studying in the US: Gaining Admission, Scholarship, and Study Permit.

โ€ข US Overstay Issues: Get help with resolving issues with US overstay.

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US United States Immigration at migrate to Canada Agency
US Immigration has 2 main categories: Temporal Visas & Permanent Residence.

โ€ข Temporal: Visit, Study, Work, and non-Migrant Visas such as TN-1, H-1B, E2 & E1 Visas, L-1 Visas, H-1B & H-2B Visas, etc.

โ€ข Permanent Residence: Green Card or Immigrant visas, which can be Family based, Employment based, or via EB-5 Investor.

If you are applying for a temporal or permanent visa to the United States, the first thing to do is to do your eligibility assessment to determine your options. Call +1 (437) 886 3020 today.

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Get an Expert’s Guide on living in the US.

We believe that it’s very possible for anyone who is eligible to immigrate to live in the US, however, immigrating to America as a newcomer can be confusing to learn the day to day activities in a new country. The US may be very different from what you see on Hollywood TV, which means there is a great deal to learn about and explore before you arrive here. Some thing to do some personal research on are;

โ€บ US Government Laws โ€บ US Banks and Financing (Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Accounts, Checks, etc.) โ€บ Health Care, Hospitals, Doctor Offices โ€บ Private Cars, Public Transportation โ€บ Education, School Systems โ€บ Grocery Stores, Restaurants โ€บ Housing.

The Immigration Consultants and Attorneys at MCAMigrate to Canada Agency have decade years experienced helping immigrants like you to settle-in the US. Get professional help to increase your chance of success.

The popular belief that the United States is the land of opportunity where you can be anyone you want to be, and achieve your dreams is still true…

โ€” Vladimir Viktor, US Residence
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United States Of America
Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together the best answers to a list of questions asked by people looking to immigrate to the US.

Applying for US Working Visaย 

You will need to obtain a work visa to be employed to work in the US legally. There are several different types of work visas available for foreigners who are interested in working in the United States.

There are a few categories that these permits are listed under such as, temporary work visas, exchange worker visas, and seasonal work visas.
US Work Visa options include:

  • L-1 visa: for foreign workers and owners wishing to transfer to a new or existing U.S. business.
  • EB-1 Green Card: Outstanding Researcher or Professor immigrant visa classification.
  • E-2 and E-1 visa permit: for investors and traders.
  • H-1B visa permit: for specialty occupations.
  • EB-2 Green Card Permit: Based on Exceptional Ability.
  • H-2B Visa permit: for non-agricultural workers.
  • EB-3 Green Card Permit: Professionals, Skilled and Other Worker.
  • EB-4 Green Card Permit: Special immigrants including religious workers.

Before you apply for a US Work Visa, it would be helpful to have a sit with an expert to advice which visa type is better for you.

Applying for US Visiting Visas

A lot of people from all over the world would love to visit the United States Of America for tourism or visit to have explore everything Hollywood had shown to them on screen. You’ll be a B2 Visa.

The B2 Visa or known as the US Tourist Visitor Visa is for citizens of a foreign country who wish to enter the US temporarily for the purposes of tourism, pleasure, medical treatment, or visiting.

You must fulfil or prove all the requirements below in order to qualify for a B2 visa, however, most of these are largely subject to the latest policy change. It is critical to seek professional advice before you apply for your US Visiting Visa.

  • Hold a valid foreign passport.
  • Prove your visit will be temporary.
  • You are able to support yourself financially while in the country.
  • Prove your intention to depart the US at end of your stay (or any extension).
  • Maintain a residence abroad to which you intend to return.

Before you visit the US, we recommend that you sit with an expert to help you ensure that you have everything you need for your US visiting visa application to avoid denial and increase your success rate.

Studying in the US and Apply for Study Visa?

The United States has come to be known for its exceptional universities and high levels of education. For this reason, many international students apply each year to study abroad in the US. To become a full-time international student, you will need either the F-1 or M-1 student visa. Each of these student is a nonimmigrant visa that allows you to study in the US provided you meet a set of requirements.

To qualify for an F-1 or M-1 visa, USCIS states that you must:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student in an “academic” educational program, a language training program, or a vocational program.
  • Be accepted into a school that is approved by the Student and Exchange Visitors Program, Immigration & Customs Enforcement.
  • Be proficient in English or be enrolled in classes that will lead to English proficiency.
  • Have sufficient funds to support yourself during the entire proposed course of study.
  • Maintain residence abroad and have no intention of giving it up.

Study in US, or any other countries, click here.

Is Dubai a Safe Place considering the Epidemic?ย 

Yes, and it is possibly safer than the country you are presently residing in, or your home country.

The United Arab Emirates Dubai has remained open since July 2020 till date and has doubled its visitors in 2022, compared to 2019 and 2021.

Compared to most top tier countries including Canada and the US, the UK, and others still struggling with the Covid19 Epidemic – Dubai hosted an estimated 25million visitors, from over 200 countries, in 6months from (October 2021 to March 2022) at the World EXPO2020.

A recent study affirms that “Dubai as the most Epidemic-Resistant Country in the World.“.

What Does a Dubai Immigration Package Cover?

We’ve got various immigration packages for Singles, Couples, Common-Law Partners, Friends, Entrepreneurs, Businessmen and women, and Families respectively.

  • Residency: 2years ir 3years Residence Visa.
  • Flight Ticket: This is Totally Optional.
  • Airport Transfer: PickUp from the Airport.
  • Accommodation: We’ll sort your apartment.
  • Job Assistance: We’ll help you get a job.
  • Nol Card: Metro Card for Transport.
  • Network: You’ll meet other Expats in Dubai.
  • Plus: If there is anything else you need.

The entire process takes an average of 2-8weeks, and you can come in as early as 5days.

Can I Get Dubai 5 Years Or 10 Years Residency?

Yes, you totally can. However, you’ve got to be eligible first as this is currently only open to Doctors, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Coders, International Students, and Scientists, for now.

Investors looking to invest, can do so with a minimum investment of AED500,000 for 5 years Residence Visa or AED2,000,000 for a 10 years Golden Residence Visa.

There is also an option of the 5 years multiple entries tourist visa. Nevertheless, it’s better you Talk with an expert who will help you compare all options, and recommend an option that serves your purpose.

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