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You don’t need to pay for Evaluation, it’s FREE! Nevertheless, our immigration consultant’s charges consultation fees to have a one on one with you, to give their professional recommendation, which is critical so you can make an informed decision on a program that’s best suited to you.

Don’t worry, the consultation fee can be deducted from your eventual package cost so that you are not paying an extra. These processes are carefully put in place to ensure that all factors are been considered with respect to your application before proceeding with it, and this is the standard for immigration world wide.

Should you choose to proceed with an immigration program without having to follow this process, indemnifies us from the outcome. Having an expert critically guide a process is our own way to ensuring that we’ve put all things into considerations before proceeding. That said, you can let us know which program you want to proceed with, and we will assist you with the processing.

We have a payment option we call PADOS – Pay Upon Delivery Of Service, but that only works for the UAE. I’m afraid due to the long processing timeframe for Canada Immigration, the processing cannot be paid for afterwards. Beside no one can guarantee your Visa. Only a country reserves the right to offering or denying visas.

If you have been scammed before and prefer not to risk it, the best advice I could give you is that you should get our Do.It.Yourself Guide, which provides the entire process to you so that you can handle your processing yourself.

This question is best answered by you. But if you ask us, one of the ways of knowing a legitimate immigration business is that, they do not offer you any guarantees. Any travel agency or institution that offers you a guaranteed Visas services is most likely a scam company and illegit firm. We do not do that here.

Only a country’s naturalization or immigration department reserves the right to accept or deny entry into their countries. No travel agent or agency or immigration consultant has to power to do that. However, your best chances are with immigration consultants with years of experience.

For obvious reasons and on request of most of our clients, who are not okay with today’s Social Media frenzy of us publicizing their private activities to the world, we are not permitted to share such post on social media platforms, however we’ve shared a few testimonials on our official website, visit www.migratetocanada.agency. Very soon, we will be sharing some of these testimonials across select Social Media platforms in a way that it doesn’t give away too much information about our clients and their destinations. That said, if you’d be okay with us sharing your testimonials,

We’ve been in operations in Nigeria for almost 5years under our sister brand immigration la reference before rebranding as an independent agency under migratetoCanadang.com (M2C) and now migratetocanada.agency.

We have 5 licensed numbers of our 5 immigration consultants across various countries depending on which regulatory bodies you are referring to, including ICCRC, CRCIC, RCIC, BL, LLM, CAPIC, to mention a few, however we only provide this information to paying clients who are booking for that particular consultant’s services.

I’m afraid it wouldn’t work for Canada. This could however work for the UAE. If you are interested in processing your Immigration to Dubai or any of the UAE Provinces, we could come into an agreement that favours both parties, where you pay upon confirmation of visa. We have a process for that however, if you are interested please let us know so that we can put you in touch with the department in charge for this.

We’ve got a partner we are working with to make this possible. Kindly have a conversation with SMMRT Agency.

As a general rule to processing an immigration program, it is illegal to offer any guarantees to the process, as such, I would strongly recommend that you have a one on one consultation with the immigration consultant to determine your chances for the program you are eligible for. If your chances are low, or average, or even high, then based on whichever it is, they can better advise you on how much percentage is refundable, all things considered.

This is not something that I can just estimate for you. Deciding the percentage of refund that is refundable is best determined by your eligibility vs the risk factor, which differs from one applicant to the other. Only a consultant can estimate this. You can ask the consultant during your consultation session.

We offer a wide range of immigration services, ranging from study, work, immigration, legal and much more. The prices varies depending on what type of service you are interested in. Which are you interested in?

If you don’t have any particular service in mind, I will strongly advice you to book a one on one consultation with our immigration consultant, they will recommend you the best suited program for you, based on your peculiarity so that you proceed with an option with offers you the highest chance of success.

There are no AIPP Program for Ontario. If you are considering whatever options are available to you within the Ontario province, then I will strongly recommend that you first do your evaluation, then a One on One Consultation with an immigration consultant to determine which immigration programs offers you the best chance of success.

After your evaluation or consultation, you might find that Ontario might not be the best option for you, however if you still choose to proceed with it, then they will recommend a program within that province for you.

There are over 86 immigration programs in Canada through which you and your family can legitimately migrate. The best way to determine which program would work best for you is by doing an evaluation to determine the programs you are eligible for. If you are qualified for more than 2 programs, the consultant will be able to guide you on all the options you have so that you can choose the one you prefer.

So, Express Entry could be considered a faster route, however the requirements aren’t as easy to obtain. It is in no way as cheap as AIPP, as it’s Proof Of Funds for 1persons is from as much as CAD$12,000, while it is just CAD3240 for AIPP. and the IELTS requirements is from 8.0. while AIPP is 4.0.

Even though it might be considered by some people faster with processing of 6months to 24months or more, compared to AIPP, that could be 3 to 6 or 10months. Booking a one on one consultation with a consultant is a smarter way to find what our best options are.

Canada has various income tax, depending on your earning, which starts from 15% on the first $48,535.

There are many factors to consider when migrating to Canada. The easiest way and fastest way to immigrate to Canada is through Study. However the cheapest way to immigrate to Canada is through employment

Yes it is very possible however that is only feasible through studies, and yes you can relocate to Canada with your family, even though you are through the study route.

It is very possible because there are provinces in Canada searching for people with these academic level but are willing to learn a new skill and are teachable and hardworking.

Very. We are genuine about what we offer at our company. We are very sincere with our clients about their chances as we are also very upfront with our processes. We encourage client who can handle their process to do so. It is not any different from what’s obtainable as laid out by the relevant authorities. Whatever we offer can be verified across all platform of authority in Canada immigration online.

M2C’s brands migratetocanadang.com and migratetocanada.agency has 3-5years old in Nigeria however our immigration consultants have decade years of experience in the travel and immigration industry respectively.

Yes it is very possible for couples to get job offers in Canada however there are no guarantees that you would both end up in the same company or in the same province. This employment are processed separately and some employers have strict policies on hiring couples in the same company.

Yes you totally can. We can guide you in ways you can achieve this, depending on what program you are eligible for and what’s obtainable. First things first, book a session with our immigration consultant to get started.

This is answered based on the immigration program you are applying for. Honestly speaking the process are not the same for all 86 immigration programs. If you are interested in a program that takes care of your family accommodation, let the consultant know during your one-on-one consultation so that they can recommend a program that makes provision for this.

AIPP has what is called a settlement plan, this allows employers arrange for accommodation for you, depending on your family size, however you can as well make your own personal arrangements if you so desire.

There are a lot of benefits for having Canadian PR however our top 10 are;

  1. Right to Live and Work in Canada: Canada is ranked as the second best country in the world to live and work. It is one of the top destinations for overall sustainability, cultural influence, economic influence, entrepreneurship, and primarily for the quality of life. Once you get a PR, you have the right to move to any territory or province in Canada. You don’t have to stick with an employer, job, or even a province.
  2. Extend or renew your visa after 5 years: A majority of Canadian Permanent residence status cards are valid for 5 years, although some only have a validity of 1 year. Moreover, there is no prescribed limit as to how many times you can extend your visa status. The purpose and history will be considered by the officer to evaluate if there is a valid reason for you to continue to stay.
  3. Allows you to bring your family along: Your family members can also live, study and work in Canada if they become permanent residents. However, you are allowed to sponsor certain residents if you are above 18 years.
  4. Free Education for children: The government of Canada ensures free education up to Grade 12 for all children (until the age of 18 years) of permanent residents. Canadian education has three levels – primary, secondary, and higher education. Moreover, tuition fees are dramatically reduced for permanent residents when it comes to university education.
  5. Universal Healthcare: Canada immigration offers universal healthcare provided by the Canadian government and authorities. For every Canadian permanent resident visa holder of Canada, medical care is free, and it also covers all prescription drugs that are paid through the taxes.

You can also apply for public health insurance as a permanent resident in Canada.

  1. Social Benefits: Immigrants in Canada can also enjoy plenty of social security benefits if they have accrued 40 credit points. This is equivalent to 10 years of work, or 40 quarters. The residents of Canada can get suitable high-paying jobs, and tax rebates, which help them enjoy a quality life. Other social benefits include retirement payments, disability benefits and survivors’ benefits for deceased workers.
  2. Road to Canadian Citizenship: Once you get permanent resident status in Canada, you can live there for five years. If you have physically lived in the country for 1,095 days (three years) out of the five, you become eligible for Canadian citizenship. However, only the 5 years preceding the date of your filing the application for citizenship are considered to be valid.
  3. Freedom to Move: You can move outside, inside or remain in Canada (multiple times) with the Canada PR card. It grants you the freedom to move and take up residence in another province as well. You can pursue a new job, a new opportunity, or other types of livelihood throughout the country. Mobility rights are expressly consolidated in Section 6 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  4. Freedom to Start a Business: Permanent residents in Canada are also known as landed immigrants. They can also legally start their own enterprise following Canadian immigration. Under the benefits of Canada PR, you can invest in a franchise or start a new business with sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation without being a Canadian citizen.
  5.  Safe & Secure Environment: Canada was named as the most peaceful country across the world by The Economist in 2007. It is a safe and secure destination to settle. Immigrants with permanent residency in Canada have all the rights under Canadian Charter 6 to be protected by the government and authorities. People giving priority to safety count this as the most important benefit of living in Canada.

There are many factors to think about when considering migrating outside Nigeria. If you are looking for a faster way that’s also affordable, then you can consider a lot of other options like Ghana, Dubai, South Africa, etc. But if you are looking for an option that offers you all the benefits that no other country can, then Canada is our only recommendation especially if you are immigrating as a family.

If you have patience, you can proceed with Canada. If not, it’s best you go with alternative options. Immigrating to Canada is exclusively for those with patience. If that’s you, then the first step to take would be to do an evaluation to determine your eligibility for the over 86 immigration programs in Canada.

After that, you will have a one-on-one session with an immigration consultant, who will advise you on the program that you qualify for and offer you the best chance of success, based on your peculiarities.

There are over 80 Immigration Programs in Canada and one of our favourite is the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) because this program give rare opportunities to migrant workers. This immigration package gets you a Job Offer + Accommodation (Settlement Plan) + Work Permit and Canada Permanent Residency. The only thing is that it is closing by the December 2021. We advise you to signup for this package before it closes.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is the fastest pathway to Canada because you can process your entire program within 3 to 6 to 10 months, depending on how fast your job offers comes in or how the one you prefer. Typically once you get a Job Offer, your processing can dramatically reduce from 10months for a matter of 3 or 4 months. Canadian employers usually give migrant workers a maximum of 90days to resume work in Canada. This means that if you do not resume within this timeframe your job offer would be terminated.

This goes a long way to influence the speed of the issuance of your Canadian Work Permit. Meaning, with your Letter of Employment (Accepted Job Offer) at hand, your processing gets a lot more faster.

Most Immigration programs in Canada requires an employer looking to hire a migrate workers to first get an LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment proving that there are no people or workers within Canada willing to fill the vacant position before they can hire foreigners outside Canada. The AIIPP doesn’t require LMIA is another major reason it is more faster than typical immigration programs.

AIPP is arguably one of the Cheapest Immigration Pathway because compared to the popularly known route; the Express Entry, the Proof Of Funds required is from as much as CAD$12,000 for single applicant, compared to AIPP which is from as low as CAD$3,240. As a matter of fact, the Proof Of Funds for Express Entry Single Applicant, is equal to that of AIPP family of 6. If that doesn’t explain cheaper, then nothing else could come close.

AIPP is considered the easiest pathway to Immigrating legally to Canada as a Single, Couple, Lover, Gay, or Family because unlike other immigration programs, with as low as 4.0. IELTS Score, you are good to go. Express Entry requires that you have atleast 7.5 and sometimes 8.0 Scores in your IELTS. This is because AIPP doesn’t use a point System like the CRS.

AIPP 4 Provinces in Canada, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, & New Brunswick.

If you are eligible and qualify for the AIPP Program, then your chances are most likely at 95%, which is a really high chance of success, compared to what’s obtainable from other immigration programs in Canada.

If you serious about migrating to Canada and need assistance with funding atleast 50% to even 100% of the processing cost, then we can help. We’ve got a partner agency that provides a referral system that helps you pay for your package. They basically help you convert your social capital into a rewards system that pays for your trip overseas. The way it works is simple – sign-up as a SMMRT Affiliate, discuss with them on your target, then provide contacts of people who might be interested in migrating to Canada, then they will help you convert these people to paying clients. Depending on your financial goal, all you need could be 5 or 10people and sometimes you might need 15 or more to hit your target. The best part is that they will handle everything. All you provide is their contacts and they will take it up from there. You can earn commissions or accumulate your earnings for your package.

The major eligibility checks for the AIPP Program are; 1.) You’ve got to have a SSCE / WAEC / Grade 12 Results, Have 4.0. IELTS Score, and your Proof Of Funds (POF) for Single is CAD$3,240. The other checks are done by an immigration consultant during your evaluation. Once you’ve got the above listed, you are good to go.

There are 2ways we help deliver our services to clients around the world;

1.) Show you how you can do it yourself, by getting any of our resource materials on How to migrate to Canada without hiring the services of a travel agent or a consultant.

2.) Assist you in accessing your immigration opportunities through a reliable pathway that offers the highest chances of success, that is also cheaper, faster and easier, depending on your eligibility, so that you can legally immigrate to Canada, Solo, with your spouse or lover and with your family.

The initial deposit 40% enables us carry out the first critical step needed to achieve the desired results for the first phase of the processing, which is securing your Job Offers and as soon as possible. This critical first step is usually explained during your one-on-one consultation with our consultant.

I would strongly advise you to book your consultation with our consultant so that this can be better explained. However, if this is expensive for you, by discussing with the consultant, they can recommend an alternative option for you, based on the budget. Speak freely when talking with them, they are here to help you achieve results.

Canada has over 86 Immigration programs with different processing time frame. There is no such thing as our own timeframe. So it depends on what program you are talking about. However, this processing timeframe can be confirmed on the Canada Government’s website so that you can see that it is not our processing that’s long. Anything Canada Immigration takes time. That’s the standard. Alternatively, if you prefer a route that’s much faster than what’s obtainable with Canada, we can recommend the UAE. It takes averagely 2-4weeks processing. If it must be Canada, then you could consider going through the Study route, it’s considered faster.