Why You Should Consider Using an Immigration Consultant

Choosing an immigration consultant for your immigration to foreign countries like Canada, USA, Uk, and Australia can be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Though you can choose to do it yourself becauseΒ  Canadian Authorities encourage prospective immigrants to apply by themselves as you don’t need a legal advisor, where most immigrants get confused is not knowing where to start and what to do during the application process.

Plus, if care is not taken, you might forfeit your dream of immigration to your dream country if you don’t know what class you are eligible for and not talk of tons of paperwork to fill and if not filled accurately could lead to visa rejection.

Infact, doing it yourself could be time-consuming, stressful, and tasking, but with the right immigration consultants, the process to immigrate can be smoother and less stressful…


….because these people are already in the business, they understand the nitty-gritty of making your Canadian dream a reality.

Without further ado,Β  I will be taking you down on the reasons why you should consider choosing authorized personnel to help you relocate to your dream country.

But first, you need to understand the following;

Who is an immigration consultant?

An Immigration Consultant is an individual who guides people on immigration matters on how they can move from one country to another without any hassles.Β 

But to know the best-authorized representative to give you top-notch service, you need to know if such representative is a member of RCIC

What does it mean to be a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)

A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant is an individual who has completed formal training and licensing in Canadian immigration.

This includes the completion of an educational program, the passing of an examination, and the proper registration with the regulatory body for Canadian immigration consultants.

Canadian immigration consultants are regulated by the Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council of Canada (ICCRC), a regulatory authority that has been appointed by the Canadian Government to protect individuals, who utilize the services of Canadian Immigration Consultants.

Licensed and experienced immigration consultant under ICCRC is your sure bet when seeking help on immigration matters which includes; study, work, business, and travel. Don’t joke with it.

Β What is the role of an immigration consultant?

To make your relocating worthwhile, the role of immigration consultants can’t be underestimated, in the sense that, these immigration advisors ….

  • Β  Β  Β  Β  Helps in meeting with prospective and existing clients to pick the best immigration pathway to relocate.

For example, Canada has 83+ pathways to immigrate, it is the duty of an advisor to guide you on which of the pathways is most suitable for you.

Not only that,

  • Β They assist clients in completing and submitting all paperwork and verifying all information given on the paperwork is authentic.
  • Helps in securing network connections for relocation
  • Helps in a proper briefing on legal immigration laws
  • Helps in effective methods and programs for optimizing relocation


ATTENTION: Not all immigration consultants are fake, right?

Just so you know, anyone not registered under ICCRC will not be enough to guide you.

But how can you verify if your Immigration Consultant is up for the game? The ICCRC is an authentic way you can verify trusted and reliable Canadian immigration consultants.

Plus you can ask for their RCIC number to know you are with the right authorized authority to help with your immigration process.

Now to the meat of the day.

Reasons why you should consider anΒ  immigration consultant for your Canadian immigration


  1. They are licensed member of ICCRC
  2. He/she is gonna prepare you for a visa interview
  3. Assessing qualifications
  4. Access to miscellaneous advice

They are licensed member of ICCRC

When considering using an immigration consultant for your traveling process, you should go for a consultant that knows their onions, meaning go for licensed and experienced consultants who have the necessary information to guide an immigrant right.

He/she is gonna prepare you for a visa interview

Nailing your visa interview is not an easy task, because granting a visa these days by visa official is quite difficult and if you must avoid receiving messages on visa rejection you surely need the guidance of an immigration advisor to prepare you with the necessary weapons to perform excellently.

Assessing qualifications

Planning to immigrate by yourself can be overwhelming as you don’t have the right information to know how qualified you are for the 83+ immigration pathway Canada has,

…plus if you don’t possess the necessary skills and qualifications to relocate without hassles.

And to avoid stories that touch the soul, you should consider hiring an immigration consultant to assess your qualification, educational background, and skills to guide you in evaluating whether a certain location is the most suitable for you.

Access to miscellaneous advice

You should consider choosing a consultant because immigration advisor don’t limit their services to the preparation of paperwork, preparing you for interviews but they will feed you with information about a certain country’s culture, legal system, educational system, and other things you need to ensure your immigration is hassle-free and how to prepare for the brand new life ahead.


Β Here is the gist, if you are considering migrating to Canada, to fulfill your dream of relocating to any country of your choice, you should consider hiring a licensed immigration consultant to guide you because an immigration consultant will play a pivotal role in achieving your dream.

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